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Hattusas Tour

Hattusas (Hattusa) was the capital of Hitites.
This tour is a kind of tour to the very ancient civilisation ruins. Hititians where indo-germen semi european people they arrived via black see to north Anatolia at the beginning of 18 th century BC. They meet here with local people of Hatti. They made big civilisation in Anatolia. Their age also called as bronze age. They ruled between 18th and 12th century BC. Also they were good at horse carts to use as the war vehicle. So that they attack to Ramses the 2nd and they made big war with egyptians than they made peace treaty and they write on the clay and 2 women sign it. That was the first peace treaty woman was participating.

Tour Schedule :
Pick up from hotel (Cappadocia regeion) at 8:30.am. We drive via Yozgat about 3 hours to City of Hattusa. Visiting Yazilikaya which is the ruins of open air temple of Hitites where there are rock carving of Hitites god and Goddes. And then we go to Hattusas, big temple and the city ruins including Gates of Lion and king. Visiting summer palace of Hitites. And driving to Alacahoyuk that was first capital of Hitites and Hatti civilisation. Return to hotel around 7-8 pm.

This tour can be arranged from/to Ankara and Kayseri.


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